Knowledge Makes The Difference


The Challenge

Very few branding projects are about starting from scratch.

The challenge is normally focused on careful and precise evolution. This was the brief from the EWOS Group, one of the world's largest suppliers of marine feed and nutrition. Already a global powerhouse, they needed a brand refinement to enhance their research-led direction and advice on their intricate product architecture. All whilst retaining the invaluable equity their brand already offered.


The Solution

A strong visual connection was found between the existing brand logo, the technical look and feel of their research data and the forms found in fishing nets.

This fed into the use of an isometric grid that sits at the core of the new identity. This visual language informs every aspect of the identity - from charts and diagrams, to a restructured product badging system and an ownable brand pattern. It can be used to bring the brand personality to everything from literature, to large scale graphics. 

Alongside the updated graphic identity a suite of brand photography was created for use in communications. With our responsible design hats on, we reinvigorated as much of the existing brand photography as we could, before working with photographer John Ross to capture a new suite of imagery – focussing on EWOS products and the fish they feed.


The Impact

“Good helped us recover control over the EWOS brand. Through a clear and well-executed process, we landed a new set of global brand guidelines and digital assets that are both distinctive and compelling.

Ian Carr, Marketing Director, EWOS Group.