How does a market-maker reclaim its position?

A global 3D printing tech company who struggled to express the benefit of their technology. Our work spanned a 3 year period and included creating a punchy brand tone of voice with short, sharp benefit-led messaging and baking this ethos into their website and marketing campaigns. Over time this helped to remove customer friction and improve conversion, measured through the instigation of meaningful analytics and reporting.

Four things to know about our work with Stratasys:

01/ Defining brand foundations.

Stratasys was having their position challenged by newer, sexier entrants to the market. Through research and stakeholder consultation, we worked with the team to bring to life the things that make Stratasys different - still a pioneer and market leader. Tapping into their rich heritage in a way that made the brand relevant to today’s customers. 

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02/ Humanising the message.

Like many technology companies, Stratasys was very good at talking about their technology to end users, about specific products and applications. What they needed help with was understanding how to engage with potential customers with much more limited experience of 3D printing. There was a need to drastically simplify and humanise the messaging and talk at a brand rather than product level. 

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03/ Meaningful analytics & reporting.

The business was investing in lots of activity with limited understanding around the outcomes. Reporting was limited in some cases, and focused on the wrong things in others. We worked with the marketing and digital teams to establish a set of campaign reporting metrics that were measurable, meaningful and manageable. 

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04/ Elevating creative standards.

Stratasys comms were cold and unengaging, but it wasn’t a start from scratch job. We evolved what they had to create a new creative platform and graphic approach that injected personality and elevated the standard of brand comms. The same principles then flowed from brand led campaigns into performance marketing activity, creating synergy and consistency across the board.