Unlocking the real value for customers.

SpinMe is an end-to-end studio workflow solution that makes high-volume photography studios scalable and more efficient. When we first met with the client, we were struck by the difference between how the CEO talked about the SpinMe product, versus how it was communicated on the website. Our product positioning process helped unlock the value SpinMe delivers, and bring it to life on and offline.

Three learnings from our work with SpinMe:

01/ You vs the competition

You’re not only competing with brands you’ve identified in your competitive set. Often the toughest competition is the status quo – that’s why around 30% of B2B considered purchases end in no decision. If you’re not able to clearly articulate the value your product is going to deliver, why would a customer risk changing anything?

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02/ Make money or save money?

Initially the SpinMe website was very focused on tech specs and product features, whereas when we talked to the team, they were able to tell us the value SpinMe delivers to customers in terms of time (and money) saved and money made. So, we worked with the team (asked a series of annoying ‘so what?’ questions) and were able to define a set of value themes to inform our messaging development.

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03/ Clear messaging hierarchies

When it comes to how you stack up vs the competition, the temptation is to resort to a features checklist.
But your customer doesn’t know or care as much about your product as you do. There’s a place for the in-depth technical stuff, and long lists of specific product features, but it shouldn’t be your starting point for messaging. We started by creating a brand platform that allowed us to build a suite of value-based messaging, before getting into the product detail.

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