When the market went smart, Honeywell sold simple.

Honeywell’s connected home offering moved them out of B2B and into B2C. A different customer, with a different journey and a digital-first mindset. We created a platform for brand communication, designed to create a confident, coherent and consistent voice across all channels.

Here are four areas to highlight in our work with Honeywell:

01/ B2B into B2C

Honeywell had bags of equity with trade partners, but entering the consumer space meant the brand had to rethink how it communicated with end users. Honeywell’s brand benefit is simple, but powerful: reliable products that make life easier. Building on over 125 years of engineering expertise, we homed in on the brand’s heritage and communicated it in a way that was relevant for today’s digital-first consumer. The ‘Take comfort’ platform was launched – a focused message, delivered with confidence. 

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02/ Customer Journey

Honeywell had an opportunity to be a trusted voice amidst all the smart home gimmickry. A well-defined customer journey helped us identify different customer needs at various stages of the process – from concerns around security and data, to understanding new technologies and complex product features. We then created a suite of imagery, illustrations, ‘how to’ videos and user guides to help inform and guide customers through the process. 

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03/ Stakeholder management

Engineering firms wanting to talk about how smart their technology is, isn’t new to us – particularly in the B2B space – but communicating product smarts shouldn’t always be top of the agenda. Involving stakeholders early, finding common ground between marketing and product teams, and working globally with differing regional marketing requirements was a key part of managing multiple successful global product launch campaigns. 

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04/ Powerfully Simple Creative

The ‘Take Comfort’ creative platform evolved over a number of campaigns. Masters assets were created centrally and covered a wide range of requirements – from launch films, to display ads, to customer support and how to videos. Assets were handed over to internal and local agency partners for activation and rollout in market. 

Campaign imagery.

Using simple human stories as a backdrop, we brought a mixture of benefit and trust led messages to life with a series of bespoke wall-art illustrations.