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Interface is a complex organisation with a global marketing requirement. Our work’s focused around brand, tone and brand architecture on projects that are frequently revisited for incremental improvement. We help them to avoid silos, remove corporate complexity and remember that the digital channel is the brand’s shop window.

Here are four important aspects of our work with Interface.

01/ Tone of Voice

We’ve harmonised Interface’s brand tone across the board. Previously it was inconsistent, wordy and schizophrenic which did nothing but reinforce silos and create barriers to effective communication. Now the brand sounds confident, human and accessible whether that’s internal messaging from HR, or an external product launch campaign.

Find out more about why Tone of Voice is important:

Interface Brand Language
Interface Content

02/ Challenging Complexity

Large corporate organisations are built on complexity. And that’s often a good thing. But when it comes to brands, product portfolios and naming or social media messaging…simple is always best. Our work with Interface is principally defined by looking to make things simpler: removing extra words, logos or clicks. It’s the quickest and easiest way to improve brand comms.

Read more about our approach to removing complexity:

03/ Removing Digital Friction

Agreeing to sign up is a pivotal moment in a customer's relationship with Interface, and we had an opportunity to combine learnings from the tone of voice work and the ethos of simplification.

Reviewing existing processes, talking to customers and prototype creation meant we were implementing the right choices for customers at this important micro-step. The results saw an increased completion rate and a higher conversion.

Understand how we bring brand and digital together:

Interface Sign Up
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04/ Creative on a Global Scale

The creative work we developed covered a range of requirements. As a global organisation we developed master assets for both brand building and performance marketing that could be handed to local marketing teams for tailoring in the regional markets.

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