Building a new brand identity.

A disparate group of global businesses coming together to create one company. Our work was firstly around consultancy with sensitive stakeholder management for a changing brand architecture and the development of a new product naming convention. Secondly it was about creative - featuring the development of a new corporate brand identity, guidelines and launch. 

Here are three areas to highlight in our work with Devro.

01/ Brand Architecture

Most of our work in this area is about killing and consolidating sub-brands and linking products and services directly back to the mother brand. It’s simpler, more practical and cheaper - particularly in the world of B2B. Our work with Devro was no exception and involved the painful culling of several brands into one. But hard pruning always leads to stronger growth.

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02/ Naming Conventions

It’s the hardest and most emotionally charged aspect of branding. With Devro we had to define a new, simpler naming convention which used a simple descriptive suffix bolted onto the mother brand. No new logos or names to create subjective debate & confusion - just simple descriptions making it easier to navigate the portfolio.

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03/ Crisp & Clean Creative

A new marque and a disciplined colour palette lets the Devro red lead a simple and sharp executional style. The new photography helps to highlight end-use products with an 'exhibit-like' quality and together these elements elevate the main brand, reflecting its professional and scientific credentials.

Devro Guidelines