Our Client Engagement Policy

Making it clear from the start

At Good we believe we should be upfront and honest about how we want to engage with new clients. To that end, we've created a Client Engagement Policy to help potential clients understand if we're the "right fit". 

Fee For Service.

Our clients benefit from and compensate the agency for the strategic counsel of our senior planning, creative and digital personnel. This fee-for-service arrangement applies to companies interested in working with but not yet engaged with the agency.

No Free Pitching.

We do not engage in unpaid speculative work of any kind (strategy, creative, digital or other) that would see valuable resource diverted away from paying clients.

Minimum Engagement.

Our business is geared to engage with clients who will spend a minimum of £30K on an initial project.

Long Term.

Our belief is that we deliver the most added value for clients over the long term and look to cultivate relationships over transactions.

Core Skillset.

Does the task outlined in the brief play to our core belief of “helping complex, (global) companies to rethink their brand for a digital-first world”.

Ratecard Reductions.

We do not offer any revisions or discounts off our published rate card unless the client is spending £500K within a 12 month period.

Do we sound like the right agency for you? For us, making sure of the right 'fit' is the most important aspect of engaging with a new client. And by being upfront in our engagement process we think it makes the decision easier for you too.

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