Making sense of ESG.

Many businesses find it challenging to build ESG into their brand. High minded statements; forest montages and abstracted facts and figures are a common convention.

Our task was to make sense of Resideo’s s new sustainability vision - integrating it to their core brand and making it relevant to their audiences.
Three things worth picking out from the process:

01/ Connect it to the brand values.

Resideo had already called out sustainability as a company value, but we had to anchor our messaging back to the main brand, ensuring they spoke with integrity and a sense of purpose.

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02/ Define the customer value.

It’s all very well making bold claims about the business; but ultimately the sustainability messaging is about the customer. We helped Resideo express the value to the customer in the positive product choices they could make.

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03/ Coherent stories beat facts and figures.

Every organisation is on an ESG journey. And the best way to communicate this is to tell a coherent story; rather than splashing meaningless facts and figures across marketing comms. We helped craft a lucid narrative that explains where Resideo is on its path.

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