Universal Robots

Consolidating a market leader's brand.

Universal Robots is a leader in the collaborative robots (cobots) category - cobots are robots that work alongside humans, making them more productive.

We’ve helped UR by creating a distinctive brand platform and elevating the quality of their brand communications and consulting on their customers' digital journey to purchase and support.

Three learnings from our work with UR:

01/ The long vs the short.

UR has been excellent at their lead-gen, sales activation marketing, but it’s clear the long term brand salience is suffering at the hands of the competition. Our distinctive brand platform is designed to act as a lasting counterbalance to the short term sales based activity.

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02/ Better digital experiences.

We’ve invested time in understanding the UR customer journey which in turn allows us to craft better digital experiences. Whether this is on the path to purchase, customer training or general post purchase support, brands that provide better, more tailored customer experiences will outperform those that don’t.

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03/ Category leading creative.

Our creative articulation and brand guidelines for UR is designed to command their space in the category. An early entrant into the sector, it was important they attempt to own the term ‘cobot’ and demonstrate leadership through a style that’s confident, progressive and high-tech.