Anatomical Concepts

Evolving and growing.

Many orgs in B2B Tech get stuck in technical speak and forget to promote benefits to the target audience. ACUK were no different. Hugely knowledgeable and technically astute; but the brand varied dramatically between excessively clinical and warm. They were unable to concisely communicate their commitment to rehabilitation and their vision of pioneering new technologies to help people living with disabilities.

Three learnings from our work with Anatomical Concepts:

01/ Without foundations you’ve nothing to build on.

ACUK needed to define exactly who they were and what they believed in. These brand foundations (Vision, Mission and Values) are essential for both internal and external audiences.

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02/ Technical is fine. Simple is best.

Most B2B Tech companies struggle to develop a consistent and human tone of voice, turning off the reader with technical info and data. With ACUK our job was to define their audiences, prioritise them and take a comb through everything to hit the right tone. We had to highlight the positives but bring more discipline around headlines, hierarchies and harness the warmth in their tone of voice.

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03/ Elevating the quality of brand comms.

In order to be credible in the higher value space of ‘new technology rehab’, ACUK had to present their brand in a more polished manner - delivering consistency, coherence and standout. A suite of master graphic assets were created off the back of the clearly defined brand foundations, and brought to life across a new website and campaign materials. 

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