Defining the thread that runs through a global business.

Camira is one of Europe’s leading textile manufacturers, but they were struggling to communicate the depth of their offer. Our brand task uncovered their real point of difference: the ownership of the entire production process from sourcing to manufacturing to quality control. Made by Camira became the central brand platform, reinforcing quality and craftsmanship, and offering flexibility across all of their communication channels.

Three learnings from our work with Camira:

01/ Simplicity

Marketers can be guilty of reaching too far when it comes to trying to differentiate their brand. In Camira’s case, the answer was staring them in the face, we just had to frame it the right way. Made by Camira is so simple, and can apply to many aspects of the business - from obvious areas like manufacturing, but also into other areas like Sales and HR.

Read more on our thoughts around simplicity:

02/ Brand Tone

Developing a consistent brand tone for Camira went a long way in making the brand feel more coherent and human in its communications. This is much easier to do with the creation of a flexible platform like Made by Camira. The key take out is that you don’t need to adopt a different voice for various audience segments. It’s weird when people do it and the same is true of brands.

Here are our thoughts on why the tone of your brand matters:

03/ Cohesive Creative

The Made by Camria platform runs through all aspects of the creative and plays a central role in Camira’s biggest ever product launch - their collaboration with mid-century modern designer Jens Risom.