Redefining and repositioning a brand for long-term growth.

Pyure is a world-leading air purification technology company that was looking to redefine and reposition its brand for a post-covid world. Our work shaped a narrative that introduced hugely complex science thoughtfully and simply – and through a positioning exercise, we were able to unlock the product value to ensure differentiation in an increasingly competitive market.

Here's three things we’d like to share from our work with Pyure:

Effective positioning = better decisions.

38% of B2B purchase attempts end in “no decision”. Good positioning helps buyers understand the whole market and make better decisions, faster. For Pyure, our Product Positioning workshop cut through all the superfluous and overly technical information to uncover the real value Pyure products deliver.

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Unlocking the value for customers.

As an innovative tech-forward company, the science that underpins the technology is really important for Pyure. But their customers aren’t scientists, so simplifying the language was essential. We had to make sure our messaging struck a chord with all customer groups, not just the boffins. Our process identified value themes to resonate with a broad cross-section of customers.

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Humanising language.

We kept messaging simple, and human. Instead of talking about hydroxyls and pathogens, we shifted the conversation to focus on the benefits (and value) to the customer. The overarching value themes identified from the workshop informed a simple language platform that we were able to flex for a variety of messaging needs, for different customer groups, across a range of touchpoints.

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