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This global energy giant needed a cultural shift and increased engagement with its Health and Safety comms. Our work involved a widespread stakeholder consultation exercise - making team members feel invested and understood. These insights were fed into the creation of a simple language platform, driving emotional, human-centred messages and helping to build a new Health and Safety culture.

Here are four lessons from our work with Centrica.

01/ Stakeholder Management

The success or failure of any project - brand / comms or advertising, rests in the agency of others. You need everyone on board and rooting for success and that comes down to good stakeholder management: from the CEO to the shop floor. The success in our work with Centrica lay in the fact that we invested weeks travelling the globe listening to the people who ultimately had to embrace and drive this branding initiative.

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02/ Internal Brand Comms

Many internal or employer brands fail because they’re created in isolation from the main brand. In our work with Centrica, it was clear that we didn’t need to create a separate brand to complicate and add confusion. We just needed to use the values that underpinned the mother brand to develop a strong communication platform. 

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03/ Tone of Voice

Developing humour, personality and character help to make messages land more effectively. The work with Centrica explored some dark humour to help anchor our distinctive tone of voice, without sacrificing the seriousness of the message. Brands need to learn how to combine tone of voice with clear headlines and hierarchies in messaging in order to be effective.

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    04/ Brand Led Creative

    We didn’t need to create a new Health and Safety brand. We simply needed to leverage the existing brand with a clean and distinctive campaign style. The heart of our approach was simple: tailored communication to connect with a diverse Centrica workforce.

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