Research your workforce. Reinvent your culture.

Centrica is one of the biggest energy companies in the world. They make health and safety a priority. So why was one of their key brands – British Gas – struggling to engage staff with their existing health and safety communications? To find out, we went directly to the source. The workforce.

We launched a nationwide consultation. Three teams across the country. 25 workshops. Over 200 British Gas staff. All before our creative team put pen to paper.

The outcome? An opportunity: using health and safety to make staff feel good about themselves. For making things better. We started by refining cluttered messaging. Taking out what we didn’t need to say would make all the difference. The heart of our approach was simple: tailored communication. What connects with boiler technicians may not click with call centre staff. Touchpoints were key. Think WhatsApp groups. Van livery. Packaging on hand-delivered bacon sandwiches. 

The ‘Better’ campaign worked. We’re now rolling out consultations globally across Centrica, always starting with getting to know the workforce better.

Centrica Portrait

People respond to people

Rather than focus on abstract imagery, the main aim was to use real Centrica people. To give a face to the messaging. This massively increased its impact and engagement.

Centrica Poster Treatments
Centrica lanyard

Centrica branded van
Centrica brand guidelines on iPads
Centrica orange poster concept
Centrica green poster treatment
Centrica social media posts
Centrica corridor display