Removing customer friction.

Resideo is a global leader in home control solutions. They were looking to improve the efficiency of their customer support function by encouraging customers to troubleshoot product or user issues through a digital solution rather than defaulting to the (more expensive) call centre help desk. 

01/ Role of brand post-purchase

The best products can be let down by a poor post-purchase experience. Customers looking for support are generally in a state of distress, stress and/or frustration. In these scenarios brand plays a key emotional role in helping customers to find the right functional solution, as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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Final Resideo Desktop Visual
Resideo Carousel 1

02/ Understanding the customer journey

We reviewed the customer journey, building on work done by the internal Resideo team. This helped us streamline the process, reduce friction and ensure customers reached the right solution as quickly and easily as possible. These small gains amounted to increased customer satisfaction and reduced call centre costs for Resideo.

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03/ From function to design

We worked with Resideo to understand the business goals, customer intent and review wireframes that helped stress-test the output of multiple design sprints. Desktop wireframes were then adapted to mobile devices and with the functional layout approved, designs were rolled out across two websites.

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Resideo Sprint 1
Resideo Sprint 2

We started with the design sprint from Resideo, understanding the business goals, customer intent and initial wireframes.

Resideo Wireframe
Resideo Wireframe 2

Wireframing alternative options to stress-test the output of the design sprints. We then took the original desktop wireframes and adapted them to mobile devices.

Resideo Prototype 1
Resideo Prototype 2

Resideo Prototype 3

A deeper dive into specific functionality by creating wireframes to explain more complicated customer interactions. This was shared with the key stakeholders at Resideo and their development partners to take from prototype to the live site.

Final Resideo Desktop Visual
Final Resideo Mobile Visual

With the functional layout signed off, we reinterpreted it for each brand according to their own design guidelines. This was submitted for sign off by the Resideo team and implemented across both sites

Final Honeywell Home Desktop Visual