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We decided to do a podcast around brand. A director's commentary to the journal we have. Then the global pandemic hit and we tilted to talk about what it feels like to be an agency in these times of strife. We'll get back to brand soon enough but for now, have a listen. We hope it's helpful. 

Brand Definitions

Episode 24 • 11 November 2021 • 31 minutes

A link to our brand definition example.

The best article on the Internet: BRAND ONIONS!

Our podcast where we talk about brand values. 

Content vs. Brand

Episode 23 • 14 October 2021 • 34 minutes

Here are some links to some articles mentioned in our cheeky podcast.

Why content is more important than brand

Content Strategy and Why You Need One

What's Love Got To Do With It?

Episode 22 • 20 September 2021 • 18 minutes

Article against brand love : Can't Buy Me Brand Love
Article for brand love: How to make People Love Your Brand

Is Sustainability Damaging Brands?

Episode 21 • 15 July 2021 • 30 minutes

Have a look at the article that inspired our podcast. 

Apple Brand Lessons

Episode 20 • 21 June 2021 • 26 minutes

A couple of reference articles that we talk through...

Article on the Good Site. 

Apple's Spring Forward event

Getting Clarity Around Brands

Episode 19 • 5 May 2021 • 31 minutes


Here are the links that we mention in the podcast.

An introduction to the Clarity Reports.

The Clarity Report section on our website.

What do you think? What are we missing? What do you want to know more about? We’re really interested in your thoughts. Let us know by emailing us at [email protected] Really, have a look and let us know. 

Branding By Algorithm

Episode 18 • 25 March 2021 • 32 minutes

Here's a link to the article that Chris wrote:

Good, no?

Bloody Luxury

Episode 17 • 17 February 2021 • 28 minutes

No notes this week. Not really any chapters either. Do you use them? We'd love to know.

Anyway, here's an article Chris wrote about luxury branding...

Luxury Branding Should Just be Branding.

Take care.

Brand Bollocks

Episode 16 • 12 January 2021 • 33 minutes

Here are the articles on the Good site that goes along with the podcast.

Avoiding the Brand Bollocks
Why Brand Onions Don't Work

Enjoy, take care, and enjoy 2021. 

Your Website is Your Brand

Episode 15 • 9 December 2020 • 33 minutes

Recorded around the beginning of November 2020 hence the not overly topical US election chat.  We don't seem to have any show notes this time. But we've written a lot of digital and brand on the Good website.

Take care of each other.   

You Get The Agency You Deserve

Episode 14 • 16 November 2020 • 45 minutes

The Good New Client Engagement Policy
Blair Enns

Let us know what you think about this podcast. Drop us a line at [email protected]

Pure Quantum

Episode 13 • 12 October 2020 • 32 minutes

We've got articles on the Good site for all sort of brand-related topics, here's one on content strategy.

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The nights are fair drawing in. Take care of each other. Baby, baby, baby, I'm your man.

Stop the Digital Doing

Episode 12 • 22 September 2020 • 30 minutes

Good Strategy/Bad Strategy

Google's Messy Middle Report

Stop The Digital Doing on the Good Website

We Have Lots of Names For You.

Episode 11 • 24 August 2020 • 34 minutes

Articles on the Good website:

How many products does a brand need?

Time to Review Your Brand Architecture

Brand Architecture - Don’t forget the due diligence

Defining your brand architecture - more information on Devro

The Value of Brand Values

Episode 10 • 28 July 2020 • 29 minutes

Why brand onions don’t work

The Choice Factory

Planning Dirty Academy

Five Points of Brand Leadership

Episode 9 • 13 July 2020 • 36 minutes

You can read a quick article on the 5 points of brand leadership on our site.

More on the Long and Short

Back to Basics

Episode 8 • 22 June 2020 • 27 minutes

Here are the links for this podcast, you're most welcome.

Brand Building Basics

74% of sales go to the business that was most useful

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Kerning the Gap

Where Have All The Women Gone?

Episode 7 • 11 May 2020 • 44 minutes

Kerning the Gap:

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On Instagram:
On Facebook:
On LinkedIn:

The Fortune Telling Business

Episode 6 • 29 April 2020 • 38 minutes

We know Stewart said he'd put something in the show notes but he couldn't find it again. He promises he did see it but he just can't find it. He is a clown.

Struggling on the Kid Front

Episode 5 • 7 April 2020 • 26 minutes

We have no show notes. That's ok. 

Endorsed by a Superhero

Episode 4 • 27 March 2020 • 34 minutes

No show notes. You're welcome. 

Corona Time

Episode 3 • 18 March 2020 • 21 minutes

Really interesting insight: David Baker Webinar

David Baker DBA Webinar Registration

We’re not saying that we have any great insights to share on what’s going on, we’re all going through this together in real time but if you want to reach out for a chat we’re happy to talk.

Chris’s LinkedIn
Julie’s LinkedIn
Stewart on Twitter

Take care.  

Beware those Branded Wasps

Episode 2 • 13 March 2020 • 26 minutes

Good, a brand consultancy.

Direct Line understands the power of characters in unlocking branded recall

That's it really. If you want to point out any nonsense or get any clarity, email us at [email protected]