The Good Round Up

Our Podcast

We decided to do a podcast around brand. A director's commentary to the journal we have. Then the global pandemic hit and we tilted to talk about what it feels like to be an agency in these times of strife. We'll get back to brand soon enough but for now, have a listen. We hope it's helpful. 

Branding By Algorithm

Episode 18 • 25 March 2021 • 32 minutes

The hippies won!!!! Branding is fully democratised! This is the future, now! Everything is awesome. We think. We'll have a chat about it. We see massive upsides and a few potential banana skins.

Bloody Luxury

Episode 17 • 17 February 2021 • 28 minutes

Recorded just before Christmas, we were bombarded with the perfume ads which led to a chat about branding and the luxury market. We had some thoughts, we decided to record them. The fact we recorded just before Christmas was supposed to be a secret but, as you'll hear, that didn't last long...

Brand Bollocks

Episode 16 • 12 January 2021 • 33 minutes

We're in another lockdown. We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore. And it starts with those branding theories we just can't stand. We picked three knitting rippers to start with. We could've picked more. A lot more. We're raging. But still staying positive.

Your Website is Your Brand

Episode 15 • 9 December 2020 • 33 minutes

Your website is the most apparent, transparent, accessible, immediate and influential asset you have. But sometimes brand isn’t applied to your site as well as it should be. Why is this, what’s the consequence of ignoring brand here and what can you do to make sure you’ve got the best experience going? We go through it all. We also introduce the Salami of Trust, probably the biggest branding buzzword of 2021. No problem.

You Get The Agency You Deserve

Episode 14 • 16 November 2020 • 45 minutes

We've implemented a new client policy and we're interested in chatting it through. We're really interested in what you think about this. What have we missed, what are your concerns, what do you like? We're keen to learn. Drop us a line at [email protected] Oh, and a terrible Sean Connery joke told terribly.

Pure Quantum

Episode 13 • 12 October 2020 • 32 minutes

Julie's back! Tired sharks! Boris jokes! What is content? How to create a content strategy! Ill-advised Sean Connery impressions! Pointed questions! Shameless/shameful self-promotion! Scream if you want to go faster!

Stop the Digital Doing

Episode 12 • 22 September 2020 • 30 minutes

Julie's not here. Chris channels a young David Frost. Stewart mentions books he's read. All about how digital doing is easy but doing digital right takes some planning.

We Have Lots of Names For You.

Episode 11 • 24 August 2020 • 34 minutes

After a very impromptu sweary start that couldn't be edited out for reasons that will become apparent, we board the good ship Orca and set sail to treacherous waters around the Seven Watchouts of Brand Architecture.

The Value of Brand Values

Episode 10 • 28 July 2020 • 29 minutes

Hold on to your hats. It's Chris versus the universe as we get into a heated discussion over brand values and their usefulness within a business.

Five Points of Brand Leadership

Episode 9 • 13 July 2020 • 36 minutes

How can you tell if your company is taking the brand seriously? Chris, Stewart and Julie sit down and chat through the top five signs of brand leadership that we think you can gauge if your business is taking brand seriously.

Back to Basics

Episode 8 • 22 June 2020 • 27 minutes

Social distancing! The future! The basics! The business! The pub openings! One star reviews! Forgetting statistical sources! Meme reading! All this and more on the Internet's favourite three-star branding podcast.

Where Have All The Women Gone?

Episode 7 • 11 May 2020 • 44 minutes

In this barnstorming episode from your favourite three-star podcast about branding, we're joined by a very special guest and great friend of Good, Nat Maher. We're chatting about Nat's role as founder of Kerning the Gap, an equality network for the design industry. We cover it all, we discuss the founding of KtG, the launch of the Scottish chapter, confidence in women, how men fit in, world leadership and much more besides. So much in fact that we had to cut Nat's predictions for the pub openings. Her guess: September!!!! Enjoy!

The Fortune Telling Business

Episode 6 • 29 April 2020 • 38 minutes

Special guest time, we're joined by Chris George, marketing director for UK and Ireland for Electrolux. We talk about Corona (sorry), branding, consumer confidence, yellow and when the pubs will be open again.

Struggling on the Kid Front

Episode 5 • 7 April 2020 • 26 minutes

We promise that this is our last Corona focused podcast. But as the bomb is still going off, we chat through what the hell is going. We hope it is useful though, we're all in it together. Take care of yourself. And each other.

Endorsed by a Superhero

Episode 4 • 27 March 2020 • 34 minutes

All professionalism leaves the building as we do our first podcast from our homes. We talk about how the business is doing in Corona time, what we're not doing and what we think brands should be thinking about doing. Then we chat to some of the team at Good to see how they're feeling. Feel free to leave us a 3-star review. We know. It'll be better next week.

Corona Time

Episode 3 • 18 March 2020 • 21 minutes

When we decided to start this podcast we wanted it to be about brand, not about an agency. That was two weeks ago. How times have changed. We just wanted to chat through where we are, what we’re feeling and what we’re doing. No great insights here, just thought it would be good to share. Stay safe.

Beware those Branded Wasps

Episode 2 • 13 March 2020 • 26 minutes

We're going for an easy one. What is brand? Chris, Julie and Stewart thrash it out. Hopefully. Let us know what you think, we're up for a chat.

Starting up is fun to do

Episode 1 • 7 March 2020 • 31 minutes

Here it is, the first episode of Good's podcast, the Good Round Up. Chris and Stewart chat through some posts that have gone up on the Good site. We're covering reporting, some insights into brand architecture and how you can get the best from your agency.