Bringing clarity to brand and messaging.

Cyberis is an industry-leading security consultancy. They’re a business that packs a punch when it comes to expertise in the world of information security – a small, highly specialised team focused on growth but in need of some help to define, structure and streamline their brand positioning and messaging.

Here’s three things that were key to our work with Cyberis:

Early conversations build strong foundations.

The value of early (and broad) stakeholder engagement is paramount in shaping enduring foundations for any brand. In the face of fierce competition and a battle for recruiting talent, being clear on what the brand stands for – and communicating that clearly and succinctly to the market – was going to be key to supporting this next phase of growth for Cyberis.

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Avoiding the inside-out bias.

We see it often – clients who have a pre-conceived idea about what their customers think. But this internal bias often leads to solutions that suit the client rather than the customer. Cyberis put us in touch with key customers (not just their favourites who they knew would say nice things) to help unlock the value and identify the challenges that exist in their business and service offering.

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Talking to a non-technical customer.

Like many B2B tech companies, the team at Cyberis were great at talking to project owners but needed to focus on the wider C-suite to move further up the value chain and win bigger projects. That group don’t always have the same depth of technical knowledge, so engaging them with a simple, value-based conversation was key.

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