Book Trust

Brand New Look For Patrons


The Challenge

The UK's largest children's literacy charity, Book Trust needed help growing their fundraising potential by creating a new brand for their patrons scheme.

Book Trust, transforms lives by getting children and families reading more. The vision of the charity is to inspire a love of reading in children for the life-changing benefits that reading can bring. A very worthy cause and a meaty project for Good. This scheme would encourage high net worth individuals to become part of an elite group supporting the charity.  As a new scheme, the brand needed to have legs to attract patrons and grow as the number of members increased. 


The Solution

We needed to get under the skin of the charity and the wider landscape of philanthropy in order to understand the target audience for this new scheme.

Through workshops with key stakeholders at the Book Trust and strategic trend analysis of the current market place, we were able to identity the motivations behind current philanthropic giving. For the Book Trust the simple truth of the patrons scheme was understanding how education can change a life, and the universal love for one’s own child.

Book Trust has a rich history, founded in 1924 by a group of prominent and inspiration individuals, so we looked to this wealth of heritage and build it into a legacy to attract high net worth patrons. With the creative wealth of the English literature as a founding part of the brand, we created ‘The Chapter’. Built on the language and iconography of books, the emblem of the brand is from the symbol for chapters. This beautiful and discreet design was then applied across a number of creative options, giving them the flexibility and opportunity to develop and grow. The creative execution combined the mature simplicity of an elite brand, whilst maintaining the warmth of the Book Trusts brand. 


Good Quote

Good have been brilliant to work with – they took an idea of something utterly intangible and turned it into something irresistible. I love the way they think and the way they can turn a concept into something that has genuine value

Gemma Malley, Director of Commuincations, Book Trust.