Lighting the way



The impact that creativity can have on dementia is only now being understood. Art and creative expression can delay the onset of the condition, transforming lives.

Based in Stornaway, the group was started by the local arts centre An Lanntair and funded by the Life Changes Trust. Their focus was to support the growing number of those with dementia across one of the UK’s most remote communities, using this ground-breaking creative approach.

They needed an identity to bring their vision of a dementia friendly community to life. They had to be an arts, social care and cultural charity all at once; simple enough for anyone to understand and act as a model of social care beyond the islands too. A beacon for other communities to follow.



Our Simple Truth grew from a small observation. When we visited the team a family member compared living with dementia to being in the darkness and that their work simply brightened up each day.

This simple analogy of light and dark became a powerful organising thought. The vivid creativity they use. The beacon of care for others. The spark in every eye when they knock on the door. That together, everyday, they Light The Way.

This simple idea was the perfect brand platform. It shaped our thought process, our language and our design. And what better and more unique visual expression of light and dark in the Hebrides than The Northern Lights. An infinite spectrum of colour, instantly identifiable to the North of Scotland.

This in-turn gave rise to their new name: Arora, a more digitally and legally ownable phonetic spelling of Aurora. A simple, warm and distinctive name for years to come. 



We are so grateful to Good for their continued energy and commitment. From developing a reflective simple truth, to walking us through a beautifully crafted brand story, to communicating and visualising who we are with such vibrancy, depth and spirit, they have taken us on the journey with them. It has been a complete privilege to have been able to tap into their creative expertise. Thank you Good, for lighting the way!

Heather Baillie, Arora Project Manager

This was an emotional project for both our team and theirs. It’s not often that a client inspires as much passion in a creative team as this incredible group of people did. In this case, the spark definitely went both ways. 

Now they have officially launched their new identity we can start to really appreciate the impact good branding can make to a movement of this kind.