The Height of Good Taste


The International Range

Angostura, 100% Trinidadian rum, made in one distillery on one island.

Capitalising on the world’s best loved aromatic bitters brand and 192 years of rum making heritage, the House of Angostura commissioned us to redesign their entire international rum range from un-aged right through to super premium.

Angostura has a broad portfolio of rums with an even broader mix of assets which had to be rationalised to help bring to life the spirit of Trinidad and Tobago though the packaging.

We had many great stories to tell, from it’s founder Dr. J.G.B. Seiger to it’s home in the Port of Spain, to the butterflies that rest on the sweetest part of the sugar cane – all of which were used to bring the packaging to life.

We developed the typography, labels, iconography and illustrations. New bottles were created for both standard and premium rums – the premium bottles are heavier and shaped to reflect the curves on the sugar cane. All five bottles are ergonomically balanced and shaped to help storage and fit in the hands of the bartenders.

Like a cocktail. Start with great ingredients, bring them together, sit back and enjoy.


House Rules Campaign

Like all great companies, Angostura has built and acquired well-loved brands over it’s long history, brands that needed to be brought together within the one house ethos and style. 

And like the packaging there are many great stories to tell, and we wanted to be able to tell them over time. To do this we needed to create a platform that could flex though the brands from Bitters, to LLB and Rum.

We went back to what brings them together, what roots them, and that was their home at the 'House of Angostura’.  The ‘House’ became the Simple Truth – it influenced the nature of the campaign from graphic structure to a language platform with endless potential.

House Rules became the first campaign. It meant we could establish Angostura’s manifesto through rules, and focus in on what they do best, making great drink for great cocktails and spreading the spirit of Trinidad and Tobago across the world.


Amaro di Angostura

Amaro di Angostura — a new member of the House

Angostura knew they had a key ingredient in creating a fantastic herbal liqueur like no other — their world famous Aromatic Bitters. Amaro di Angostura took the very essence of the bartenders best friend and transformed it into a rich, delicious new liqueur — designed to take on the boom in the Amaro category.

We based the design on the bitters iconic bottle design. Forgoing the obvious oversized label, instead focussing on the yellow cap, neck detail and brown glass — a nod to bitters medicinal background —  of the original pack. Culminating in a luxurious spin on the mother brand and simultaneously laying some foundations that could be pulled into the rum range that we later delivered.

All in all a responsible design that keeps the house in order.