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Brand Definition

Building Brand Leadership

Over the years, we’ve been lucky enough to work with brands that are all on board with what brand can add to their business.

Brand Strategy

Do You Need Advanced Brand Strategy?

Ever opened a head? Like, a human head. With a bonesaw. Then gone in and fixed that brain inside the head? No? Probably because it sounds hard, like brain surgery. It is hard. It's, you know, brain surgery.

Brand Architecture & Naming

What to do when your sales team stop selling

Let's start by setting the scene with a couple of assumptions.

Brand Insight

Better Branding During a Recession

As I sit here in October 2022, it looks like we're heading into a recession.

Brand Insight, Foundations

Setting out your Brand Mission

We've been going through our brand definition process, going into some detail with vision and values. Now we're getting into the meat of that brand sandwich, your brand's mission.

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Perfect Your Product Positioning

Once upon a time when it came to product marketing, it was about going beyond the features. Features meant nothing. NOTHING! It had to be all about the benefits, I'd yell. Give me the benefits, and let me create magic for you.

Brand Definition, Foundations

Create Your Brand Vision

We've gone into detail about how our brand definition process works, defining your mission and values.

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What is Brand?

We've done many, many articles in this journal on how we see brand working in your business. From how it manifests itself in content to the need for strong brand architecture, we've covered many bases.

Market Research, Trends & Innovation

Can Brand work with Performance Marketing?

The most alluring aspect of digital marketing is the ability to get the right message to someone when they're looking for something. Intent is powerful. Someone wants something; you present an option to them.

Good to know

Keeping your brand project on track

Yes, a post from a brand consultancy about how to keep your brand project on track. Now, the easy post would be about hiring us to get it done. Easy but not useful.

Brand Definition, Brand Guardianship

Do you need a Brand Purpose?

I don’t think that there is a more contentious element in the wonderfully weird world of branding right now than the notion of “Brand Purpose”.

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How to Create a Brand

The purpose of our brand consultancy work is to build the perceived value of a business so that you can increase the margin of a product or increase market share — ideally both. But to start to create that perceived value, you must understand your brand.

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Can’t Buy Me Brand Love

So, Aladdin gets into the cave and finds an old lamp. Aladdin rubs the old lamp to give it a wee clean and out pops a genie. A fucking genie. Genie has three wishes that he can bestow on Aladdin...

Brand Strategy, Content Delivery

Content Strategy and Why You Need One

Since I started at Good, the one thing that has shifted has been the need for brands to move from pretty straightforward advertising around their product or service to becoming content publishers.

Brand Insight

Brand Lessons from Apple

I feel for clients as they go around their agencies—presentations, suggestions, observations and, occasionally, insights. And then, when talking through a particular challenge, they are brought up. The Jesus of Modern Branding: Apple.

Good to know

Understanding Share of Search

There’s been some buzz recently around an interesting new metric that claims to be a quick health check on your brand.

Brand Strategy, Campaigns

Stop The Digital Doing

Have you ever been in a reporting meeting, a meeting that is reviewing the digital marketing activity and found yourself wondering how your life turned out so... wrong?

Brand Insight

The Five Signs of Brand Leadership

Brand Leadership. It’s a term that we use at Good when we start working with a client to understand just how much they “get” brand.

Brand Strategy, Campaigns

Brand Building Basics

Welcome to yet another article about how to prepare for the end of the pandemic. You gotta get ready, you gotta be ready for the new world, and how everything's changing and you gotta get ready.

Marketing Strategy, Digital Channels

Getting Started With Reporting

Getting your reporting structure right is key to the continual improvement of your marketing efforts. Here's some tips.

Good to know

Getting the best from your Agency

Help us to help you.

Brand Insight, Digital Channels

Digital and Brand

This is a bit of an unusual post as it talks more about us and our approach to digital.

Marketing Strategy

Starting your Content Strategy

Strap in. We're going to talk about the latest, most fabulous digital marketing experience. Creating content that people want to look at, read and engage with.

Brand Strategy, Digital Channels

Digital Strategy: Stakeholders

So many digital strategy documents, created with the very, very best of intentions, end up lonely, forlorn and forgotten. I hate that.

Brand Strategy, Digital Channels

The Importance of the Customer Journey

Relax. This isn't an in-depth look at how to create a digital strategy for your business. Great Guns, no. We both don't have the time.

Digital Channels

Setting your Digital Goals

The challenge when looking at digital is that it is seductive to fall for the lure of the big numbers. There is comfort in big numbers, especially if it comes at a low price.

Brand Strategy, Digital Channels

Go Beyond Digital Transformation to Digital Maturity

Digital Maturity is a term to describe how developed a brand or business is within the digital environment. It’s important because the most digitally mature brands communicate best with today’s digital-first customers.

Content Delivery

Gated Content- To gate or not to gate?

Gated content is one of those terms used by marketers rather than real people. Marketers see it as a lead generator, a transaction of information for your details by filling out a form and only then can you download that sweet, sweet PDF.

Brand Strategy, Brand Activation, Digital Channels

Getting Digital Buy-In

We seem to be in an interesting time for digital marketing.

Brand Definition, Brand Strategy, Content Delivery

Why do Whisky Brands Suck at Digital?

Whisky brands and digital have never felt like comfortable bedfellows. In fact, digital highlights the challenges in whisky branding.

Good to know, Content Delivery, Website Management

How Marketing Can Work Better With I.T.

If there is any certainty in my job, it's the moment that you chat with the marketing department about how they work with their IT team.

Good to know, Digital Channels, Website Management

How I.T. Can Work Better With Marketing

If there’s any certainty in my job, it's that moment when you chat with an IT department about how they work with their marketing team.

Digital Channels

We're all digital designers now

The best way to improve the customer experience of a website is to make the design process a partnership.

Digital Channels, CRM

Getting the best from your CRM

CRM is seen only for the sales team. It's time marketing got involved too.

Digital Channels, Website Management

Integrated Myths

Integrated Agency. Two words that strike fear into agencies and clients alike.

User Experience, Digital Channels, Website Management

Good Behaviours

We live in an age of wonder. The Internet has provided us with the world of knowledge at our fingertips, how to find the right information is almost as much of a skill as learning it.


Good Venue

Friday saw the launch of the latest Heron and Brearley venue, Carnival Live Lounge in Douglas on the Isle of Man, to a riproaring reception.

Packaging, Digital Channels

Good Beer

One of the things we love best about what we do is when we get the desired results for our clients.

Brand Creation & Evolution, Environments

Good Branding for BQ

It’s good to see that in these tough economic times that there are green shoots of recovery popping up here and there.


Milwaukee - Good Conference

Milwaukee Power Tools wanted a new approach to their European Conference.


Interface - Good Event

Interface launched their new environmentally friendly, Urban Retreat range to leading architects and interior designers at the London Film Museum at Covent Garden


The Railway - Good Spot

Following an extensive re-brand and re-fit, the Railway in Douglas on the Isle of Man has opened to a rapturous response.

Brand Creation & Evolution, The SimpleTruth

Bunnahabhain 40 Year Old

Once every now and again you get to work on a project that’s very special.