Product Positioning

This consultancy is one component of the Total Brand Review

As a client you’re an expert in the solutions that exist in your market, including the advantages and disadvantages of choosing them. But customers tend to be less informed – they don’t know what ‘state of the art’ looks like in your category.

From our experience, clients are very good at communicating the features and benefits of their product, but often fall short when it comes to clearly defining what value it delivers to their customers. Poorly positioned products are particularly problematic for large organisations where complex (often overlapping) portfolios make customers work even harder to choose which best solves their problem.

Our Product Positioning workshop cuts through all the superfluous and overly technical information to uncover the real value your product delivers to your best-fit customers. Ultimately it comes down to how you will help make them money or save them money.

Here’s how we do it:

Stage 01 / Getting the Right People in the Room

This should ideally be representatives from across the business. Product positioning is a team sport – it’s not solely the remit of the product, marketing, or sales team. Having key stakeholders together in the room ensures the whole team is aligned from the outset.

Stage 02 / Positioning Workshop

This is broken into four areas:

1. Overview of what we mean by ‘positioning’ and why good positioning is important for your customers.

2. Defining features, benefits and (most importantly) value – we’ll explore competitive alternatives (not just your direct competition), understand any unique or differentiating attributes of your product, and connect those to your customers’ goal.

3. Identifying best-fit customers – who cares most about the value your product delivers?

4. Understanding the context that makes that value obvious to the various target segments we’ve identified.

Stage 03 / Recommendations

Outputs from the workshop are reviewed and presented with a series of recommendations. This informs a brief for the creative team who will develop a suite of messaging to support.

04 / Operational Details


2-4 weeks


Presentation including outputs, recommendations, and a creative brief to inform messaging development.


Best done face-to-face but can be run virtually if needed.


£20k ($30k)

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