Brand Clarity Report

We know that brands which communicate coherently and consistently with customers will build more value and outperform their competitors. A Clarity Report tracks how well your brand is performing against a set of competitors. It measures the quality of the brand assets you have; how you’re distributing them and if customers then recognise you when they need you. The better you do in the first two areas, the more likely you’ll score in last area.

A commissioned Clarity Report distils more than 50 metrics across seven categories using open-source data combined with 20 years brand consulting for some of the biggest brands. These reports help marketers and the businesses they work in understand how their brands are performing against the competition. (See sample reports here)

Here are the seven categories:

01 / Brand Assets

We’re looking at how consistent the brand is across channels, if the assets are distinctive, if the brand achieves a certain level of standout. We’re also looking to make sure that the brand architecture makes sense. Does the brand remove or add friction to the customer process?

02 / Language

Sure, language is a brand asset, but another mantra here at Good is that a brand starts with language. It humanises the brand and sets the tone of all interactions. We feel it needs to be pulled out and measured separately. We’re looking to see if the brand has a clear tone of voice and is consistent across and throughout all channels.

03 / Website

For each category, we’ll look to review what the hygiene factors are for the category. Is it a specific account login function, is it a general buyer guide? How useful are you in the customer journey? We measure the website's effectiveness, making sure it offers a solid experience for the customer, rooted back to its brand. 

04 / Mobile

We pulled mobile into a separate category from the website. Too often, we’ve seen sites signed off from the 75” TV in the boardroom with mobile taking second place as it’s “a wee bit boring”. Mobile is where your customers live. We’ve measured the brand experience and the level of mobile optimisation done on the site.

05 / Social

Social media: the land of the big numbers. Big follower numbers. Big likes. Big wows? We want to see if a social media account set up as a brand experience outperforms the feeling of a more generic account.

06 / Digital Marketing

Good assets, good language, great site. But people must know that you exist for them to buy from you. What are you putting behind the brand to get it out there? 

07 / Share of Search

Where the rubber hits the road. A lot has been talked about Share of Search and its usefulness in the age of modern marketing. We like it as a metric. If you’re doing well with the other categories, then you’ll want customers to find you. Share of search helps you see if the brand work you’re doing is paying off. 


All of this provides a benchmark for your brand against your competition. From there you can understand where you are performing well and, more importantly, what areas of your brand activity you need to review.

08 / Operational Details


Allow 6 weeks from commission.


A full PDF document that scores you across all areas as well as the category average. See example reports here.

Participation Requirements

CMO / Global Marketing Managers who can agree on competitive set.




Set price of £20K ($30K).

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