Brand Naming

Five Tips for your next Naming Project

TalkTalk have launched FibreNation – a company to help build a new broadband network for Britain. And we worked with them to name and brand the new organisation.

Market Research

Measuring Design Effectiveness

Let's be honest. There’s no straightforward methodology to measuring design effectiveness.

Internal Comms

The Role of Brand in Internal Comms

Our top 5 tips for creating effective internal comms.

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Branding vs. Marketing

We need to share our expertise in order to build a better understanding of difference between the two.

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Positioning Makes Marketing Simple

A strong well positioned brand acts like a marketing rudder. It creates coherence and simplicity, effortlessly sorting tactics from strategic activity.

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Why brand onions don’t work

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a problem with the brand onion, aka brand wheel, brand key, brand house.

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How to buy design services

Now, before I start, I want to make it clear. This isn’t a rant. I’m not using this piece to have a go at clients, the system, or any third party who has ever sought to influence how and where work is placed.

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Equity in lieu of fee — what I’ve learnt

Why part owning a brand gives you a unique perspective on your own firm.

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The ‘Simple Truth’ of Leave

More often than not, politics nets down to branding and communication. It's just that politicians don't always see it that way.

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Understanding the value of Experience

Today I got one of those strange moments of clarity and understanding. I was chatting with a colleague about how she’s fitting into the company.

Brand Architecture

Defining your brand architecture

The new sub brand launch is due next quarter and you’ve run out of names, colours and icons. If only there was a simpler way...

Brand Creation & Evolution

What’s the difference between a Logo and a Brand?

The Tokyo Olympics identity system has re-raised the age old question. What is a logo and what is a brand?

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Why Luxury Branding Should Just Be Branding

It’s funny the way certain themes and strands emerge in the marketing world.

Brand Naming

There’s No ‘i’ In Apple

Since the big reveal of the Apple Watch, there has been some speculation on why the long-anticipated product ditched Apple famous ‘i’ prefix.

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Consumers Don’t Care

I’m amazed at how we can complicate this industry so much that we actually forget what’s right in front of us.

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How To Get The Best Out of a Rebranding Job

In our 10 years we’ve done quite a few of these jobs and we’ve learned a fair bit about what happens and what matters when you're doing them.

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How Effective Are We?

We recently won another couple of Design Effectiveness Awards, which takes our tally of DEAs to ten since 2009. Six golds, three silvers and one bronze.

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A Good Place To Work

Nord secure the Andrew Doolan Best Building In Scotland prize for South Block - home of Good.