Design with Purpose


The Challenge

Interface is a leading global manufacturer of modular flooring, providing striking and sustainable carpet for a wide range of buildings, from office blocks, to universities and schools.

In 2016, the organisation recognised an opportunity to increase its market share with architects in the UK - an influential group when it comes to specifying flooring. In particular, as London is the home of the largest concentration of architecture firms in the country, they needed to include activity designed specifically to target architects based in the capital.

At the same time, they wanted to find an innovative and creative way to make their global campaign platform, “A Foundation for Beautiful Thinking”, resonate with a local audience. 

We needed to challenge the market and encourage architects to think differently about Interface.



The Solution

A task force was established with Interface’s internal teams to come up with a solution. The result was “Beautiful Thinking”, a platform from which to recognise and celebrate the power of visionary thinking to change the world - pushing boundaries and using innovation to create new radical ways of working.

The campaign aimed to celebrate Beautiful Thinkers not just within Interface, but from organisations right across the design industry and beyond. The beautiful thinking that can change the world – and the people behind that thinking. Whether that’s creating spaces that improve health and wellbeing, saving our oceans from destruction, or developing a cleaner industry for our future.

The selected Beautiful Thinkers included Oliver Heath, founder of Heath Design Ltd, a leader in sustainable architectural and biophilic design, and Michael Pawlyn, founder of Exploration Architecture and a biomimicry expert. Organisations were also recognised as Beautiful Thinkers, such as sustainable skateboard manufacturers, Bureo.

By sharing the expertise and insights from these innovative thinkers, the campaign sought to raise the profile of ambitious individuals and companies that have driven real innovation in their industries and beyond. It also sparked in-depth, thoughtful discussions that would engage and inspire architects.



Tactically, the campaign incorporated the creation of thought-leading content, in conjunction with the selected Beautiful Thinkers, designed to inspire the kind of in-depth discussions that truly engage architects. This included videos, blogs, live Q&As and press ads.

Experiential activity was carried out in London. This included an Interface presence at Clerkenwell Design Week - a highlight of the UK design industry calendar. We created engaging stand concepts which integrated and told the story of both the global platform and the UK campaign.


The Impact

The Beautiful Thinking campaign was a highly effective way to raise awareness of Interface among the UK’s architectural community. 

During the campaign the clear, consistent and aspirational narrative positively impacted all digital channels. The average click through rate of their emails increased, along with social media engagement overall.

The results have helped Interface to position themselves as a leader in sustainability and biophilic design, and also a supportive partner of architects and designers who are looking to create interior spaces that contribute to human health and wellbeing.