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Marketing Strategy

Brand Partnerships. The good, the bad and the tasty.

Brand collaborations, how they work and why it has something to do with peaches and steak.

Good to know, Brand Insight, Brand Analysis

The Challenge of Brand Equity: To Kill or Keep a Brand

Measuring the value of your brand is one of the hardest judgements in marketing. And one of the most dangerous.

Brand Strategy

How to make people love your brand

Building that special something with your audience is hard, but not impossible. Here’s three tips to help build the love and get the juices flowing.

Good to know, Brand Strategy, Brand Creation & Evolution

Why your brand values probably aren’t great

Most brands fail to get their core values right. But then some don’t, and those brands all have something in common.

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Talking the talk. Five ways to nail your brand’s tone of voice.

One of the biggest challenges facing clients and agencies is how to keep a brand’s tone of voice alive on day 1000, not just day 01.

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Take a deep breath. Brand Trump won. And this is partly why.

If you want to see the impact that simple brand messaging can have, look no further than The Donald.

Market Research

Good Brand Research - 3 tips

Audiences don't tell you how to solve a problem. They tell you if you've managed to solve it.

Good to know

A Good Reminder

Mark and Mike visit The Dementia Friendly Community project, one of our Good for Nothing projects.

Brand Creation & Evolution, Packaging, Life After Launch

Four Weeks, Five Good Whisky Stories

It’s been a stellar month for two of our whisky clients.

Market Research, Trends & Innovation

Craft Beer 2.0

Buying beer isn’t complicated. Or at least it never used to be.


Good Copp Bad Copp

Today has seen the launch of Scottish Power’s new ‘Copped it’ campaign.