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Good Advice on Succession Planning

By the time this hits our blog I’ll have left the design company I helped start. And that’s a good thing.

Good to know

Good Advice on Embedding Sustainability

My recent ramblings on good branding, featuring our client Interface, got me thinking about a topic there's no escaping. The environment. How, as businesses, can we do our bit? How can we embed sustainable practices and behaviours in our organisations?

Brand Strategy

Good advice on Good branding

So far in this series on what we feel constitutes Good branding, I’ve talked about Filson and its reach with the far-flung members of its family. And, I’ve waxed lyrical about Nike’s discipline in using brand to drive decisions where others wouldn’t.

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More Good Branding

I recently wrote a post on the definition of good branding, where I used a young Filson store assistant in Portland as a great example of how good branding can positively influence behaviour in both staff and customers.

Brand Strategy

What is Good Branding?

So the call comes in from on high. We need a blog post on our definition of branding.

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The Good Guide to Pitching

A great day has dawned. We’ve accepted an invitation to pitch that we’re all happy with!

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Internal Communications and Brand

Looking to get the most from your internal comms? You have to start with your brand.

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Don’t let internal politics cost you money

Be aware of the impact internal politics can have on your marketing budgets.

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Why Design Effectiveness is Good News

The DEA's are the closest thing we have to a respected benchmark for design services that business can believe in.

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Why Giving Back is Good

Why we feel it is important to give back to nurture the next generation of design talent.

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Local to Global

An agency can achieve global reach by being an expert in their field with a proven track record of success.

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Farewell Nat Maher

It is with the heavy heart of a proud agency parent that we say good luck to Nat on the next phase of her journey.

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Businesses as activists

“Commerce without morality is a social sin’. Mahatma Ghandi.

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Are banks fit for business?

The banks are a nightmare, even when you are growing. Here's why.

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Is branding too complicated?

Anyone else sick of hearing the word ‘Branding’? It seems to be everywhere and most of the noise is out of context and utter waffle.

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The Power of Design

After thirty years of delivering all manner of design services, I know my primary role in any engagement, large or small, is that of an educator.

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Good for Nothing

In the summer of 2015 we put our ‘Good for Nothing’ initiative in motion by selecting and engaging with two recipients who would share in £50,000 worth of our time and expertise to help their causes.

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A big opportunity for brand Britain

Brexit. In or out, sceptic or advocate, we are where we are and we need to get on with it.

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Good Foundations

Good, timeless brands, like great architecture, are built on solid foundations.

Brand Strategy, Brand Creation & Evolution

You need to invest in building brand value

How would you like your company to outperform the FTSE by 200 percent over the next decade?

The SimpleTruth

A really good reason to simply tell the truth

As the communications landscape gets ever more complex and the speed of change becomes eye wateringly fast, branding has struggled to keep pace.

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Why telling the truth and doing your best will always win out.

Good to know

The Good Funference

As tradition dictates here at Good, each summer we close our Glasgow and London studios for a couple of days and unite the teams for our annual 'Funference'.

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Creative v Effective Debate

'Yes, you're no doubt effective, but are you delivering real creativity?'

Brand Strategy, Brand Guardianship

Do One Thing Well

I’m a big fan of playing to your strengths and knowing your onions, so I’m a sucker for guys like David Hieatt and his wife Claire, founders of Howies, who now run the Hiut Denim Co.

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Natalie Maher

Good appointment! We are all extremely excited to announce the appointment of Natalie Maher as our new London Managing Director.

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The Politics of Branding

With the upcoming Scottish Independence Referendum Keith looks at political brands and values.

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Risk & Reward

Over the last ten years we’ve put all our efforts as a branding consultancy into the interpretation of insight and instinct to be really effective.

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A Good Ten Years

Last week saw Good reach a landmark birthday. 10 years old, so we decamped the entire team to a tipi at ‘The Dell’ in the Cairngorms.

Brand Guardianship

Good To Great?

I get asked all the time, ‘Surely you should want to be Great, not just Good?’

Marketing Strategy, Brand Strategy

Responsible Design

Passion, restraint and honesty show the value of good, responsible design.

Brand Guardianship

Brand Erosion

The wrong choice can risk long term reputation, legacy and bankability to a hard-built brand.

Brand Creation & Evolution, Packaging

A Good Launch for Tamdhu

Friday 3rd May saw the long awaited launch of Tamdhu at the Speyside Whisky Festival.

Environments, Brand Guardianship

Orkney Brewery - Good Beer

The 24th of April saw us finally make the trip to see Norman Sinclair’s stunning Orkney Brewery.