Three Cheers

This week has seen the launch of our recent rebranding project, Three Cheers Pub Co., formally Renaissance Pubs.

Following a need to change their original name, the company, which owns seven pubs in South London including The Tommyfield and Avalon, saw an opportunity to develop a new and better aligned brand for their group. After a great deal of research and visiting every pub in the company’s portfolio (only right on a project such as this) we found there were many qualities that made them unique.

Derived from the traditional British toast and the three founders, school friends Tom, Mark and Nick, the name Three Cheers was an instant hit with the client. The graphic look is timeless, and incorporates wood etched illustration to evoke a classic British feel, matched with a language platform that unites all of the pubs together into a family.

By working with a lot of the original brand assets we have been able to deliver a cost effective and lasting brand in Three Cheers, and we’ll happily drink to that.