A Surge in Fitness

A new fitness brand for the UK.

We were appointed to create the brand for a new UK fitness organisation and last week their first studio opened in Hammersmith, London.

Surge uses EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) - a new technology to the UK but a popular and effective way to work out in Germany. EMS is a tried and tested method of using electrical impulses to activate muscles that you might not normally engage. Surge are using the technology to create a more effective and results-driven workout.


With the fitness market growing at a rapid pace, the challenge was to bring EMS training to the mainstream, as a premium, effective, time-saving workout option. The brand needed to be fun, full of energy whilst also providing a sense of professionalism and reassurance. We needed to ensure it was seen as a ‘high tech and advanced’ option, appealing to people who don’t work out regularly as well as those that do. Positioning it as a smarter way to get in shape, with a warmth and openness that would encourage a variety of people to take part.


It was vital that we educated people about the benefits and safety of electrifying the muscles. A key part of the marketing and digital strategy is to encourage people to take part in order to drive word of mouth and grow brand advocacy.

London was the obvious location for the first professional devoted EMS studio, with more locations planned in the future. After two years in the making, we are delighted with the results and hope those who give Surge a go are equally happy with theirs!