Every paw counts

A pet healthcare brand that celebrates the magic moments of pet ownership.

A new pet healthcare brand launches at The Pet Show 2017 this weekend. Being the lead sponsor of the show, Everypaw is a digitally lead pet care brand with a different kind of stand out and appeal.

Our brief was to create a fun exciting brand for a marketplace with no real individuality. But we went beyond the brief, creating a name and identity that is credible, ownable and compelling.

Taking inspiration from what other brands were doing outside of the insurance market, we could see that Everypaw could be disruptive. It combines the comms of a big brand with the focus of a specialist. Using memes and personality to create a brand that really connects with people and also allows them to connect, engage and be part of the content generation. It is bold but also agile so it can evolve with time and technology.

Creatively it has a fun user-generated feel, targeted at a young, family and professional audience who want to generate and create the content they engage with. A bright primary colour palette, a loud font, mixed with meme’s and lols for imagery. Accompanied by a strong language platform that is fun but emphasises the care aspect.


Everypaw is a new pet healthcare brand that is youthful and fresh, celebrating the magic moments of pet ownership: Every bright eye, every bushy tail, every moment.

Our initial focus beyond the brand naming and creative was to identify how Everypaw would be best represented as the lead sponsor at the Pet Show 2017. We’ll be working closely with the team in measuring its success beyond its launch and the weeks to come.