Good have been working with Sigma Capital and Gatehouse Bank plc to create a brand for over 900 new Private Rental Sector homes in the North of England.

The result, DifRent, aims to convey the new, secure and affordable way of renting houses being pioneered by the development. The properties are targeted at those who can’t afford or don’t want to own their own homes.

Renters can however expect the stability and security that comes with homeownership, with innovations such as an onsite handyman to keep properties safe and well maintained, whilst also creating a sense of community.

DifRent is not only the schemes name but will work in tandem with the design work as the cornerstone of a language platform created to clearly communicate the USPs of the new brand and its properties.

We look forward to seeing the results and impact the scheme will have on how people consider homeownership and the concept of renting.