Brand evolution.

Our job was to bring the brand’s ‘Everyday Ease’ to Zanussi’s digital-first audience. This meant paring everything back to simple core brand assets and executing sharp, simple messaging that thrives in the social channels.

Three things worth knowing about from our work with Zanussi.

01/ Creating Distinctive Brand Assets

One of the biggest issues facing modern branding is the addiction to change. But in a world where change doesn’t stick, brands need to be clearer than ever about which assets carry equity. Our work with Zanussi was about stripping it all back to colour and the ‘easy’ language for distinctive standout.

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02/ Importance of Language & Digital

Language is the most humanising aspect of any brand. And given that mobile & social has reduced the design canvas to a few square inches, your brand had better have a strong language platform. Zanussi’s ‘easy’ attitude was simple to flex from long form copy to much shorter social & digital advertising needs.

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03 / Impactful Creative

The ‘Everyday Ease’ creative was built around the brand’s three distinctive assets: simplicity in execution (it's the overriding philosophy of the brand), a punchy language platform delivers the attitude and the bright yellow sets Zanussi apart in a sector dominated by metal and monochrome. Job done.

Zanussi case study
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