Brand evolution.

Zanussi has a clear position within the Electrolux portfolio, offering ‘Everyday Ease’ to pragmatic, price-conscious consumers. But the brand was confused and wasn’t making the most of what it had or needed to be.

Our work involved a full brand review; pairing back many elements until we had three core assets that could cut through to our busy target consumer.

1. Simplicity is the over-riding philosophy of the brand. From planning to point-of-sale. (And simple is hard to do!)

2. A punchy language platform and no nonsense tone set Zanussi apart against the category’s Germanic techno babble.

3. Embracing a bright and bold yellow in a world of metal and monochrome makes Zanussi unmistakable.

Building brand communication using a blend of these three assets ensures Zanussi is a distinct and growing brand in the consumer durables market.