The Can Dhu Spirit.

In recent years the single malt market has shifted towards premiumisation, with consumers expecting brands to deliver history, heritage and authenticity in line with category conventions. Ian Macleod Distillers wanted to reflect this shift by lifting Tamdhu’s premium position; delivering a higher price point and increasing the value of their product, not the volume.

Our response? A compelling brand story that reflects the Victorian “Can-Dhu” attitude of the distillery’s founders and drives every piece of communication from packaging, to digital strategy, to the unique 50 year old decanter: a masterclass in design, craftsmanship and skill from a team of home-grown British artisans.

The result? A price increase well in excess of Tamdhu’s 65% target. Packaging that surpassed client and consumer expectations. And, at the heart of it, a brand that proves what can be done with the right foundations and an honest, authentic story to tell.