An Uncompromising Digital Solution


The Challenge

In 2009, Landsec, the UK’s largest commercial property company, found themselves with a challenge.

Their customer facing shopping centre websites no longer met the needs of today’s digital savvy consumers.


The Solution

Over the past nine years, we’ve worked alongside Landsec to develop a “White Label” system. One master website which holds all the functionality required for any of the shopping centres in Landsec’s portfolio. 

That master website is then reskinned to match the branding of the particular centre. Store logos and descriptions are then added to the site through a central content depository, saving hours of administration and content entry.

In-depth scoping sessions with a range of centres across the portfolio were vital in understanding how one platform could cover a range of requirements from flagship centres such as Trinity Leeds and Bluewater to other properties, such as Xscape. We’ve also looked at how our customers use the website to make sure that we’re growing and adapting the digital experience to their needs over time.

The White Label system offers each centre maximum flexibility regarding branding, functionality and user experience. It has grown over the past nine years to be a mobile-centric experience as we follow the device usage of our customers.


The Impact

90% saving on annual website update costs.

Since launch, the White Label system has become the flexible, cost-effective and scalable solution Landsec needed it to be and we continue to work with them to refine White Label to be a more valuable asset to Landsec and their customers.

Good worked with us to create a cost effective, robust and agile digital platform. Our return on investment has exceeded expectations with the White Label concept continuing to give us economies of scale for the creation of new sites and campaigns.

Craig O'Donnell, Head of Information Systems, Landsec