To change quickly, learn quickly.

In 2010, Landsec’s shopping centre websites were no match for digitally-savvy consumers. As the UK’s largest commercial landlord, they needed to up their game.

After building a responsive site for Glasgow’s Buchanan Galleries, we wondered how we could offer similar updates for other centres.

Our answer? A white label system that could be reskinned with ease. A platform that would let Landsec test ideas quickly, at a low cost. Think optimised user experience. Valuable insights. Analytics everyone could understand.

We started with some solid research on the customer journey. The gems we discovered powered our strategy. Our solution led to a 64% saving on rollout costs. And a 90% saving on website update costs. The biggest takeaway? Test. Learn. Stay agile.

Working with Landsec meant a mobile first approach. As phones get bigger, placing the navigation at the top of the screen meant additional effort on the part of the user.

Moving the navigation to the bottom of the screen meant it was easier for the user to quickly navigate around the site.

From shopping centre website to digital lab

From a repositioned mobile menu that aids navigation whilst carrying shopping, to reinterpreting functional data on the capacity of car parks in a way that’s easily understood at-a-glance; the white label platform allows smart thinking to be tested quickly before executing big across multiple live sites.

Understanding our user's intent was vital to making sure we could easily present content to users. Each interaction point is recorded and reviewed making sure that we can continually iterate. All with the aim of making the website experience more personal and, in turn, more memorable.