Govan Community Project

Building Hope


The Challenge

Govan and Craigton Integration Network is a charity who work every day to support some of the most desperate refugees and asylum seekers arriving in the UK.

Their challenge wasn’t just a rebrand. It was to help unite two of the most complex audiences we’ve ever spoken to. Refugees, often speaking little English, and the local population of Govan, one of Glasgow’s poorest communities where many migrants are housed.

As tragedy appeared daily on our screens and global perceptions of refugees began to shift, we had to support them in uniting a community and helping bring a glimmer of hope to those who need it most.


The Solution

The only way to understand these audiences was to meet them.

Workshops revealed how for local residents, tensions were often fuelled not by race, but a fear that their community, already hit by industrial decline, was being lost. Similarly, for migrants what drove their alienation was a lack of community and hope.

This formed our Simple Truth. That if Govan is negatively defined by its industrial past, then why not invert this? That the community may now not be building ships – but something else instead. It’s Building Hope.

Out of this came a simple, less corporate and search-friendly name that was also a rallying cry: The Govan Community Project.

For the creative team the key driver wasn’t just style, but practicality. So an easy toolkit of messaging, imagery and file templates was created. For migrants, this included a non-lingual pictorial approach that can even be made by hand. So whether they have Photoshop of just a photocopier, the team would have the affordable marketing they need.


Good start

Launched January 2017

The new brand has already re-energised the organisation and helped attract the largest corporate funder the charity has ever had. We can’t wait to see the new identity come to life, not least because of the global events that have developed since the project started. That something as comparatively small as a brand can have even the slightest impact to those seeking refuge from afar is something we’re more than proud to put our name to.

“Working with Good over the last year has been an amazing, emotional and uplifting experience. Our brand is now streamlined, fun and something to be proud of. On top of that the process reminded all of us about the core values of the organisation, the importance of the work it does and the history of the community it serves. Thank you.”

Anna Matthews, Vice Chair, Govan Integration Network.