The Spirit of Community


The Challenge

Deanston had all the makings of a great brand story. 

A history dating back to 1785 and the distillery’s previous life as a textile mill. A team who live locally, distilling by hand using traditional methods and minimal automation. And most importantly, a great tasting single malt whisky.

Unfortunately, their packaging looked tired, dated and – most importantly – failed to communicate this spirit of place and heritage. We were brought in to give the brand a complete refresh, starting with packaging and expanding out to cover the brand as a whole. Many products try to focus on notions of authenticity and craft – but very few can genuinely build their whole brand around this ethos: This was our challenge.


The Solution

Our creative approach focussed strongly on Deanston's tight-knit community and the values they embody.

This was distilled into a Simple Truth that captures the essence of the brand: The Spirit of Community. The brand was then rebuilt using honesty, integrity and kinship as the driving force behind every design decision.

It was important to our team that we applied the same craft and attention to detail to the redesign as the Deanston distillery team do to their whisky. A new logo was created, featuring an icon of the distillery building drawn by illustrator Iain McIntosh. We also drafted a distiller’s pledge to indicate that the liquid inside reflects the hard work of the entire team. The accompanying signatures are a sign that everyone – from distillery manager to warehouseman – is proud to put their name to every bottle.

Our care and attention to detail is emphasised by the unique closure of the bottle, featuring a replica coin that represents the currency used by the original employees of the textiles mill in the 18th century.

In addition to the packaging redesign, we built a campaign that expresses the defining qualities of the brand to consumers – giving them a window into the Deanston community.  This was supported by comprehensive brand guidelines detailing both the brand ethos and the practical design features behind the packaging and the campaign.  


The Impact

"The bespoke packaging creates a lasting legacy for the generations of people who have worked at both the mill and the distillery, paying tribute to the community who have helped make Deanston what it is today.

Carina Gous, Director Luxury Brands, Distell