British Gas

Better for Everyone


The Challenge

British Gas approached us to help them change engineer attitudes towards Health & Safety.

Most British Gas engineers work in isolation, with little access to their leaders. They have a limited number of communication tools and those they do have were not engaging, authentic or human enough. This risked important Health & Safety information being potentially ignored or misunderstood.


The Solution

We began with research and national workshops, helping us better understand the challenge and the people we were talking to. We needed to create a relevant, flexible and human Health & Safety brand platform. One that could grow and speak to all areas of the business about a wide range of topics. 

The ‘Better’ Campaign enforces the fact that everyone needs to be better at what they do when it comes to Health & Safety. It speaks to engineers as adults, connects with them as humans and helps to re-establish communication between engineers and leaders. It's been put to work across all communication touch points within British Gas, including film, text messages, PowerPoints and simple car key rings. 


All Good

'Better' was launched within British Gas followed by a global rollout across Centrica. We are also considering how the ‘Better’ philosophy could work in other areas of the organisation.

You can have a look how we approached this campaign by taking a reading our guide to internal communications strategy and how we position the role of the brand when working with internal comms.