Wylde at Heart

When Monocle magazine approached Good to contribute to their new feature ‘The Consultants’ we were only too happy to help.

Like all creative agencies, we actively seek opportunities to showcase our capability, so when Monocle approached us to contribute to their new feature ‘The Consultants’ we were only too happy to help.

‘The Consultants’ highlights a potential gap in the market and, by consulting a few well-chosen experts, Monocle then set out a plan to fill it. In this issue the niche identified is for a luxury food retailer in Scotland that showcases great produce and supports local producers.

Alongside experts such as Chris Dee, the CEO of Booths and Liam Hughes, the CEO of the Glasgow Distillery Company, the feature presents a case to fill the niche – what would the retailer look like, how would it operate? We worked on the identity, seeking to avoid the clichés and evoke a sense of the best of Scotland. The challenge was to create something that spoke of the history, quality and environment of Scotland, presented in a sophisticated and contemporary way. The name, ‘Wyldes of Scoland’ gives a sense of authenticity and provenance and the marque hopefully speaks for itself.

We are delighted with the outcome and I for one would love to see the first one open in Glasgow. Have a look at the full article, or visit the Monocle Magazine website.