Tamdhu 50

“Good’s innate understanding of Tamdhu and luxury branding has resulted in a pack that is one of a kind and surpasses all expectations”. Iain Weir, Marketing Director, Ian MacLeod Distillers.

After over two years of meticulous work, we're delighted to reveal the launch of Tamdhu 50 Year Old. 

Marking the 120th Anniversary of the Speyside Single Malt we first rebranded four years ago, it's the rarest release in the distillery’s history with only 100 bottles available.

From the start, we wanted it to be a masterclass of authentic home-grown British craftsmanship and skill. To reflect Tamdhu’s unique brand story of the Victorian ‘can-dhu’ attitude, we worked with a team of home-grown artisans. Our challenge was to bring Victorian industrial elegance to life using traditional British-born craft.

It features a unique crystal decanter, born from concepts we designed, then brought to life by renowned glass specialist Katy Holford.

Each piece was then hand-blown by the team at Royal Brierley – founded in 1776 and one of the last remaining companies in the UK capable of creating the highest quality blown crystal for the drinks industry. 

This was paired with exquisite sterling silver detailing, hand-crafted by celebrated silversmiths and luxury jewellery house Hamilton & Inches of Edinburgh. Just one detail of many more, which each took years to perfect.

There is even a bespoke sample vial built into the oak tube canister, so those lucky enough to afford the £16,000 price need not open the decanter to try the 50 year old Speyside Single Malt. 

Not every agency gets an opportunity to design such a beautiful hero product for a brand they created. We just wish we could afford to buy one.

Discover more about the Tamdhu brand and story.

(Photography by Chris Lomas www.chrislomas.com)