Savanna Cider

Last week saw the launch of a new marketing campaign for Savanna Cider, by Distell.

Originating from South Africa, and first launching there in 1996, Savanna is a premium, dry cider, ‘made from apples, for those with apples'.

As Savanna was already available throughout the UK, both on and off trade, our brief was to develop a localised, awareness campaign for the brand, firstly for initial testing across Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Our challenge was to work within their already established brand guidelines but explore a compelling language platform, using their honest and no-nonsense tone of voice, to create the opportunity for maximum impact and engagement across various media formats. These included 48 sheets, bus supersides, subway 6 sheets and escalator panels and taxi wraps. We have also created program ad's and big screen animations to be utilised through their partnership with Saracens Rugby Club.

Taking lead from their global brand strapline: Savanna. The Unapologetic Cider, we worked on the flexibility of this message as a campaign platform, and turned it into a pay-off for the product, working for both the cider itself and its’ consumer market: Never Apologise.

With creative treatment, this became Never Apple-ogise, a platform which allowed effective and tailored language for advertisement, specific to location, media format and consumer. With injected brand personality and humour, the messaging generated persuasive ad content to engage the audience, and best represent Savanna in both cities.

Our focus beyond this awareness campaign is the potential rollout across the rest of the UK, as well as developing the point of sale and further advertising material required in the wake of the launch.