The rebirth of Table 11

Helping bringing some European café culture to Finnieston.

Following the success of Crabshakk, arguably the pioneer of the thriving bar and restaurant scene in Finnieston, we were asked to help John Macleod with his latest project – Table 11. 

Having historically functioned as the extension to Crabshakk’s 10 table setup, Table 11 had the opportunity to be a success in its own right but we needed to create some clear distinctions between the two restaurants.


John extended into the neighbouring unit, refurbishing both spaces to have more of relaxed café bar feel. He also updated the menu to have less of a fish-focus - the menu now includes watermelon Thai green curry no less.

For the new restaurant, we created a flexible identity with a subtle nod to European café culture. Built around the humble but recognisable table number, the confidently simple visual language worked well, across a range of materials from menu’s, signage, uniforms, stationery, and of course the website.

With the restaurant up and running, and from all accounts garnering great reviews, it’s high time to head west to try the watermelon Thai green curry.