Minus 33

An exciting new project has been quietly taking shape here at Good.

It comes in the form of a genuinely unique new product to the drinks market: a juniper-infused spirit, created and distilled by a start-up business right here in Britain.

Minus 33 is one of a kind, with almost a third fewer calories compared to other spirits with a rich botanic flavour.

It’s the brainchild of 26-year old entrepreneur Sam Trett, founder of LoCa Beverages, who spent more than a year in the lab experimenting with the best-tasting alternative to traditional spirits. Through a process of painstaking refinement, Sam created a botanical drink which not only went down a storm in taste testing but also happened to be both healthier and only 33 per cent ABV – much less than standard gins. As a result, it’s not officially a ‘gin’, but something much better.

It’s all this time, careful research and crafting that influenced not just the classic scientific appearance of the brand, but also its Simple Truth: Healthy Curiosity.

We thought it was a brilliantly innovative and ground breaking product. So as well as working on the branding and packaging, Good put our money where our mouth is and chose to invest in the business too - taking a stake in exchange for our expertise and creativity.

A new and innovative way to work, we’re proud to be stepping away from the traditional client/agency relationship and into more of a partnership of equals. Two businesses who simply like each other. (Maybe even as much as we like our juniper spirits.) 

But don’t just take our word for it. Sam said to some of the trade press recently: “Good have been invaluable – not just in their design knowledge, but the strategic brand advice and development they have offered as partners and investors in this project.”

And this is only the beginning. LoCa are already planning new and inventive additions to its portfolio, so there’s plenty more Healthy Curiosity to come.