A Good Launch for Tamdhu

Friday 3rd May saw the long awaited launch of Tamdhu at the Speyside Whisky Festival.

It’s been a long wait of many years for the mothballed distillery and 18 months of hard work for us. From positioning and guidelines to the new packaging, website, brandbooks, signage and launch concepts, the original spirit of Tamdhu has prevailed.

Every facet of the brand has the spirit of the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution running through its veins.

A great day of tents, stations, presentations, great food, amazing characters and a phenomenal whisky. The Simple Truth is that the Can Dhu spirit is alive and well and spitting in the eye of the doubters and the ‘it can’t be doners!’

The response to the new brand has been hugely positive and sales are already booming so we’ll track and report when we’ve got concrete results.