Driving a paradigm shift in mental health education

Helping a father fulfill his promise to his son.

Our ‘Good for Nothing’ initiative donates £50,000 of our time and expertise every year to those working for positive change in the world and who would not ordinarily be able to afford it. 

The criteria is simple: they need to be working for the common good, have little or no budget and be able to really benefit from our particular skillsets. Our staff have the final vote – this year they have chosen to work with The MindEd Trust.

Steve Mallen established the charity following the tragic death of his son Edward, who took his life following the inexplicable, rapid and catastrophic onset of severe depression. Steve wants to do all he can to avert similar tragedies through the prevention and alleviation of mental ill-health amongst young people.

Being a small charity they have limited resources and manpower, but a huge national transformation ambition - to embed emotional resilience and mental health literacy into every school curriculum. We are going to be helping him to achieve this, with the ultimate goal being to stop children reaching a crisis point and in doing so, bring down the suicide rate. 

The current global mental health issues and Steve's ambition really resonated with the team at Good and we are excited to get started, being aware of the significant impact our expertise could have on young lives.