Cracking Good Food

Brand Creation, Digital and Comms Programme

To launch a new restaurant in the depths of recession could be seen as rash, but when it’s been your dream for twenty years and you’ve committed your life savings, it’s downright scary. We had to get it right. John’s past and his brief to break with tradition inspired a very personal and handcrafted approach to the brand that perfectly reflects the food and ambiance.

Budgets were of course tight, so we relied on the humble rubber stamp to save John & Lynne from high production costs. It also provided the restaurant its own personality, reminiscent of fishing crates and boat livery — the simple, rustic look fitted perfectly with the interior and worked across a range of materials from menus and signage to uniforms and crockery.

Photography by Carol Ann Peacock 

Good got to the heart of the Shakk brand as only they can. Crakking work that keeps on giving.

John Macleod Owner Crabshakk

Watch this space for the next chapter in the Shakk story - The Oysterbar. 

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