Bring it On

Brand Creation, Comms Programme and Guidelines

Utilities companies do not normally recognise brand as a powerful tool to re-invigorate staff and sales. However, the management team at Core had foresight and we discovered a Simple Truth that acted as a rallying call for staff and a challenge to customers. Flexible guidelines drove a programme of deliverables from DM and literature to interiors and uniforms.


The basic idea was simple, just as Core delivers four utilities through one track (or pipe), we combined the four circles/pipes of the existing marque into a new logo. This visual metaphor also allowed us to drive home the message to work as one team. The refreshed colours, logo and typefaces then gave us a flexible, but consistent template on which to build a new communications platform. This gave us a powerful identity, but not a personality to talk to both a disillusioned workforce and a sceptical client base.



Increase in Q3 and Q4 like for like sales

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Reduction in customer complaints

Without doubt the single largest contributing factor in the ongoing evolution of Core from where we were at the end of 2006 to the company we are today was the re-brand by Good.

Robert McKechnie Sales and Marketing Director Core



Increase in annual sales

We seized on the fact that Core brought utilities like electricity to developments so the user could switch them ON. This gave us ‘BRING IT ON’ as our strapline, allowing us to talk to the workforce about the challenge ahead and what was expected of them.

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