A benchmark for our integrity and the minimum standard for our work.

We started in 2004 with a simple idea, we wanted to be Good - it would set a minimum standard for everything we did and it would be a benchmark for our straight talking and honest approach.

Average sales increase*


*Across our DEA entries for the last six years

Every facet of what we designed had sound reasoning behind it but we had to be better, we wanted to be really good. So in 2006 we developed our brand definition process to give all of our work solid foundations - real understanding, insight and relevance - to deliver impact and long term value.

And it really works. We have the proof to back up our claims. In depth studies for multiple clients in different sectors. Whether brand strategy, digital, internal comms or packaging - we've delivered irrefutable ROI across the board. With six Gold Awards in six years at the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards the proof of the pudding.

Average increase in market share* 


*Across our DEA entries in the last six years

And the journey continues. As digital gets ever more complex it has never been more important for brand to humanise these technically led interactions into unforgettable experiences.

With digital firmly embedded in our brand team since 2007, we've been fighting the good fight for coherent, complementary on and offline branding for some time.

We've not got all the answers yet, but we're close and as we start to design brand behaviour to control milliseconds of interaction based on the the same values that informed a pack or environment, we're getting even closer.

Kerning The Gap

Is a collective of like-minded people who want to see more women in design leadership roles, hear their voices and be inspired to create change.

Founded by London MD Nat Maher and supported by Good, the network aims to raise the profile, and create opportunities, for women in the design industry.

The first event took place in October, with Cheryl Giovannoni (of Landor and Ogilvy) as our keynote speaker. Planning for the next event is underway.

Click here to find out more about the network and how you can attend the events.